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Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "innovations community"An agreement on long-term cooperation has been reached between the Association of Communities Sustainable Development  and the KP Green Wave NGO, which will be useful for the communities of the region, public organizations can combine their  experience in implementing the latest innovative technologies in the processes that take place in the life of society.Social and public life will receive additional impetus for their development if communities learn and will use high-tech developments in their activities, starting from the election process, public opinion analysis, development and implementation of community initiatives, ending control over the activities of state bodies, the use of budget funds. We have agreed to jointly develop applications to participate in the reform of public life and the introduction of new technologies in all its expressions.

Within the framework of the planned joint actions, it is planned to engage in the activities of the Ukrainian Platform for Рublic Initiatives to develop common innovative tools for the participation of civil society activists in civic life. One of the areas of activity is the study of advanced European public innovation projects, the functional filling of European platforms and programs for the implementation of public initiatives.