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Association of Communities Sustainable Development

The formation of civil society is impossible without establishing the principles of mutual trust and respect for community members. The team of our civic organization fully shares these values, seeks to distribute them to the community and encourage the general public to develop their own moral, spiritual, intellectual and cultural qualities.

The development of social life requires not only the study of changes in society, but also the search for effective methods of adaptation of social groups to reforms, transformations and all the "new" that appears around. Projects in this direction are designed to ensure a comfortable transition of the community to innovation in a variety of spheres by studying innovations, implementing thematic initiatives and developing effective recommendations for social transformations. In an attempt to comprehend the impact of innovations on the community, we are focused on identifying disadvantages and solving problems in the social sphere. Effective result is ensured by the establishment of interaction between the authorities, business, science and the public.

The constant desire to promote positive change in the community and understanding the principles of an effective approach to achieving the goal have become the main impetus for our team to form a public organization. With the status officially registered since December 2017, we not only managed to expand the problem field of our activities, but also qualitatively improved it through cooperation with other stakeholders.

We are happy to join interesting and useful initiatives, act as partners in regional and all-Ukrainian programs, and we implement our own social projects.

During the period of their individual work, NGO members managed to establish contacts with specialists in various spheres. A wide range of members interests and common benchmarks and values ​​contribute to coordinated work and the implementation of socially important initiatives.

Always trying to work planned with full dedication and faith in our own actions and qualitative transformations in the community are the responsibility of each of us, the NGO team is open to ideas, suggestions, cooperation with a wide circle of the public, representatives of business and government!